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Bio-Pavilons and Waste Concept for Roskilde Festival

The core of this concept is an eco-friendly pavilion, which can replace the 8,000 pavilions, which are left each year at the festival and generate 50 tons of environmentally problematic and difficult-to-manage waste for Roskilde Festival – the largest music festival in Northern Europe, with 35.000 visitors every summer.


Roskilde Festival is in many ways a reflection of contemporary society, and during the festival today’s “throwaway culture” is quite apparent.  The festival’s management wishes to stimulate development in sustainability, both through improved collaboration with its suppliers and by educating its audience about sustainability and social responsibility


A new type of pavilion has to be developed to replace the existing ones.  However this poses the questions, what should they be made of? Will they be recyclable? How should they be collected for recycling if so, and how will the recycling procedure work?


The design for a new type of pavilion was created in conjunction with a concept aiming to stimulate recycling culture at Roskilde Festival. The pavilion’s skeleton is made from recycled plastic mixed with wood shavings, and the cloth is clean recycled plastic. The pavilion is also designed with the festival audience’s needs in mind in terms of robustness, simplicity, weather resistance and need for size adjustment and customization.

The pavilion is part of a form of deposit system. The fabric is sent for incineration along with broken rods and joints. The intact parts are saved and used again for the following year’s festival. The goal is to make it easy, simple, fun and expedient to collect and sort through the parts, and therefore worth handling things that one would otherwise just leave.

(The picture is a visual illustration of the concept in Danish)

Recycling centres will provide a framework for events, competitions and information on recycling materials and waste management. For example, guests will be able to register with their name on an interactive wall, which will show how much waste they deliver to the recycling station. Winners of this competition will get free tickets and a pavilion with an attractive location for the following year’s festival.


The concept was awarded third prize in The Danish Enterprise and Construction Authority’s competition for social innovation, Idéfaktor 2010. Roskilde Festival is now working on prototyping with the objective of testing the concept either in 2011 or in 2012. For Roskilde Festival implementation of the concept would mean that a large proportion of the waste that so far has been left behind in the camping area will be collected and sorted. Besides this, there would also be a great economic saving from no longer having to dispose of 50 tons of bulky plastic pavilion leaving the festival site every year.

“A green option for pavilions resolves a central waste problem for the festival, and also leads the way in thinking of alternatives to our ” disposable culture “- we can find a solution here, and can expand this to later to find solutions for other kinds of waste left behind, like camping chairs, sleeping mats and tents.  This idea has perspective that goes far beyond Roskilde Festival’s borders…”

– Esben Danielsen, Development Manager, Roskilde Festival

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