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Conference Facilitation for the Danish Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Cowi and Force




The Danish Ministry of Environmental Affairs, Cowi and Force were to host a conference on sustainable business development. The topic is cutting edge and yet not completely clear to all participants.


The hosts decided to hire a professional moderator for the conference, someone who can ensure flow, good atmosphere, that main points would be understood by the participants, and that speakers stayed within the time allotted to them, so the schedule could be kept.


Josefine Campbell was hired as a facilitator to moderate throughout the day, and to help design the flow and activities for the workshop.

As a moderator at the Environment Ministry’s conference on cradle-to-cradle, Josefine Campbell created a good atmosphere that gave room for involvement and commitment from the participants. She was professional and well informed. Through her knowledge she was able to guide the debate so that it covered the most relevant fields and central issues.

Mette Lise Jensen, Head of Section, Danish Environmental Protection Agency


Above: Josefine Campbell and Mærsk Sustainability Manager, Søren Stig at the Cradle to Cradle Conference of the Danish Enviroment Authorities, Cowi and Force Technology in June 2011

Campbell Co also moderate in workshops to promote knowledge sharing, develop solutions, and ensure organisational integration. In these workshops we use a mix of traditional methods and design methods. To learn more about how we do workshops, please take a look at our project for the Frederikshavn Harbor

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