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CSR strategy for Premier Ice Cream



Premier Ice Cream is a major ice cream company in the Danish market. Their new management believes that corporate responsibility is important to their business’ future development. Thus they decided to start a process focusing on the company’s sustainability profile, and make a ‘climate partnership’ with DONG Energy. They launched initiatives on energy saving in order to strengthen the company’s green performance and to communicate the company’s view and actions on sustainability.


In collaboration with consultants from DONG Energy, Campbell Co. carried out a compilation and analysis of all sustainability initiatives within the company, and advised on what and how much to communicate externally. It is important for a responsible company to be open and ensure that its behaviour and attitudes are communicated clearly.


Campbell Co. prepared a short strategy document through which the company’s attitudes and concrete objectives were communicated.  There were many stories could which could be told, but when it comes to CSR communication it is important to send an objective and accurate message. Therefore, only selected case studies were highlighted in the document, and every word was carefully chosen so that the message was clear and the risk of misunderstanding was minimised.


Premier Ice Cream has the strategic foundation for their CSR communications in place.  Furthermore, Premier Ice Cream’s attitude and position on sustainability will be clear to any reader, whether customer, employee, or politician.

“Campbell Co. has been an excellent partner in the analysis and drafting of our accountability memo.  Josefine Campbell has extensive knowledge and insight into precisely the CSR field we needed to address.”

Jesper Uggerhøj, CEO, Premier Ice Cream

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