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New Nature of Innovation

New Nature of Innovation is the Danish-Finnish contribution to the business focused Innovation Strategy of 2010, which where done by FORA (a part of the Danish inistry of Economic and Business Affairs).

On the picture is Josefine Campbell and C.K. Prahalad, who both where working on the New Nature of Innovation Project. C.K. was a leading management thinker. He created concepts such as ‘ Buttom of the Pyramide (BOP)’, ‘Core Competences’ and ‘Co Creation’, which today are integrated in business thinking globally.

New Nature of Innovation identifies 9 drivers of innovation of how front running companies are doing business:

  1. Co creating value with customers
  2. Users’ Involvement in Innovation Processes
  3. Accessing and combining globally-dispersed knowledge
  4. Forming collaborative networks and partnerships
  5. Dynamics between large companies and entrepreneurs
  6. Environmental concerns drive innovation
  7. Needs in developing countries drive innovation
  8. Welfare system concerns drive innovation
  9. Technology’s role as an enabler of innovation

For access to the New Nature of Innovation study press here

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