Campbell Co ApS

Sustainability Communication

As a leading agency, we help public and private companies with sustainability communication and branding that support their strategic targets. Communicating sustainability you need to base your claims on documented facts. Not just on pretty words. Traditional marketing tactics will kill your brand value. On the other hand, communicating real value and the sustainable qualities of your company can create strong stakeholder relations.

An Example of such a project is Kalundborg Symbiosis, that is a collaboration between public and private companies that buy and sell waste to each other on commercial terms to the benefit of their business and the environment. For Kalundborg Symbiosis we have made:

  • A brand and communiction strategy
  • Created all content for the website
  • Produced website
  • Produced an animation
  • Designed new logo, and new graphic identity
  • Made business card, power points etc.
  • Created their social media strategy and platforms

To see this project click here

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