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How social media are accelerating ethical shopping





Written by Josefine Campbell and Elena Niculae

How many times have you found it easy to pick a Fair product on the shopping aisle? And just how easy is it to market and sell a Fair product?

Wanting to shop sustainably, most consumers have a hard time navigating through the jungle of labels and certifications. It is just too complicated to assess what the effects are and if it really helps.  Hence consumers are organizing themselves in communities, where they can rate and discuss sustainable products and where companies can market their sustainable products to a motivated audience.

The Fair Pages is an example of such a social networking platform, which generates and shares user knowledge about sustainable and ethical products while offering businesses a stand to promote their Fair offers. It is a virtual meeting place for the sustainability concerned consumer and the sustainable product provider.

The Fair Pages offer individual consumers a voice in defining their needs and expectations concerning the products they use. By ranking their favorite products based on their experiences, consumers are sending out a clear signal of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable from the companies providing those products. Thus pages such as The Fair Pages create and empowers a community of members where the consumer is no longer a passive receiver but an engaged participant.

”Instead of searching the Internet I get my daily news feeds about new ethical brands and issues in one place, all recommended by the people and brands I follow”


– Consumer, Kristine J. Sorensen


It is also a meeting place for businesses and consumers. Businesses and other organizations supplying Fair products are given an opportunity to reach their target market and also promote the Fair quality of their products: users share their experience with fair products and recommend companies and products to other members of the Fair Pages community. In addition, the first-hand knowledge they get out of Fair Pages can help their business to innovate and to optimize their products.

In a growingly interconnected society where social and environmental challenges are shared by all and not owned by few, the need for a networking platform to feed in a dialogue is ever more important.  By supporting the discussion on how best to define what is good for us and for the rest of the world, communities such as the Far Pages create knowledge and transparency, which empowers consumers further.



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