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Campbell Co. is a network organization founded and administrated by Josefine Campbell. Some times the task are solved individually by Josefine Campbell, sometimes in customized teams.

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As natural born serial entrepreneur Josefine Campbell started her first ‘first mover” business as a 21-years old. Today, she has co founded five companies and she works as a professional strategist and facilitator for companies such as Samsung and Carlsberg, gives inspirational speaches and teaches master classes at Copenhagen Business School and for the management association Lederne.

The network organization consists of multi-skilled professionals with expertise in CSR & Sustainability, branding, design, communication, marketing, business development and innovation. Some of them you can learn about here. Our organizational structure ensures that we can provide a customised team that meets your needs.

Elena Niculae is driven by the desire to make the world a better place through a more sustainable economy; she researches business sustainability strategies, with a focus on resource optimization and innovation and has a keen interest in circular economy and in promoting responsible consumerism. Another strong interest is the business and human rights agenda, a topic she has researched extensively for her master thesis.

  The style-conscious designer Michael Mandrup has more than 10 years experience in graphic and conceptual design for companies such as Sony Ericsson and Uffe Buckhart’s Style Council. He also designed the visuals on the corporate design for FORA which you will see in Campbell Co’s case studies. His designs are deeply embedded within the Scandinavian aesthetic.
Emil Schuldt-Jensen works as translator/researcher on China-related projects. Residing in Shanghai, and currently taking a bachelor in Business Chinese, he is in direct contact with the local environment, and has worked towards a better understanding of Chinese language and culture for more than four years; focusing especially on the business-related and cross-cultural communication aspects. Emil has a background in philosophical studies, and a mid-level management education from the Danish army   Helene Jeune is passionate about finding solutions for a more sustainable world through innovative products and services, ethicalproduction and sustainable consumer behaviour. She teaches and does research in CSR and sustainable communication and has worked on awareness raising campaigns for several NGO’s including Care and the Fairtrade Label. Helene has a Masters degree in Communication and International Development and has worked on community based projects in South Africa where she gained a solid understanding of cultural diversity and development aid issues.
Geneva born Swiss-American, the eclectic Alexandre Carney has spent most of his life educating himself broadly across different fields and living in different countries across the world. His wealth of experience and his perceptive nature gives him unique expertise in freelance copy writing, and creative strategy.
  Tobias LauDriven by the vision of making the world a more sustainable place, the sociologist Tobias Lau focuses on examining and developing social movements, working scientifically within the field of sustainability. He has recently completed a book about ‘Sustainability and Thinking Big’. He is also a blogger at the Danish Business focused newpaper ‘Børsen’. After completing his training, Tobias spent time working with the Canadian design icon Bruce Mau, where he worked directly with leading figures including CK Prahaland and Mohamed Yunus.

Daniel Karpantschof is a Future Analyst and consultant, with a wide range of experience ranging from the development of feature films, and the business of startups in emerging and major international economies, to international politics and membership of several think tanks and government commissions. He is a former member of the Danish Ministry of Education, a number of UN and UNESCO conferences, and the Board of the Institute for Futures Studies. He is currently based in Washington, DC.

Helene Venge is a specialist in integrated business development. She has 15 years management experience in multinational corporations including Sony, Levi’s, LEGO and Telenor, where she was European Marketing Director, Chief of Digital Media and Global Business Development Manager. She is a mentor and external lecturer at DJØF, and sits on several advisory boards.





































Tobias Christensen concentration is in quantitative research and data analysis, in order to establish a factual basis for strategies, using programs like Excel and SAS. Tobias is studying Business & Economics at Copenhagen Business School and has experience working as freelance consultant for the Ministry of Economic & Business Affairs.

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