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Corporate Brand Development for Public Research and Policy Entity

FORA is a policy research and analysis entity that belongs to the Danish Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs.


Even though the organization is in the business of cultivating exciting knowledge for policy makers, they had trouble putting into words what they did. Moreover, they had an outdated website that did not reflect their innovative and dynamic organization. Based on conversations with management, a strategic communications process was launched.


The academic staff was focussed more on content than form. After having neglected concerns of appearances for some years, FORA lacked a strong visual platform, that could carry the innovative content transmitted and which employees could be proud of and identify with.



In collaboration with senior staff, the organization’s stakeholders were identified,categorized and mapped. It turned out that the relationships were complex, as it is possible, for example, for one organization to be both a customer and supplier at the same time. Questionnaires were sent out to stakeholders to collect their perceptions and ideas. In a few cases in-depth interviews were carried out.

ForaAll staff were involved in two steps: First, there was a strategy day where the employees came up with ideas on how to disseminate FORA’s work. This provided many good ideas on how to communicate in future. In the second round an identity workshop was held, where employees were invited to put their perception of the organisation into words and pictures in a playful context.

The pictures show employees on the identity workshop, where they are finding objects that represent values which they identify with their workplace.

The outcome of this session was a brief description of what FORA means, and to whom, and what FORA delivers to those people. Furthermore a set of values was identified to form the basis for future communication and design. Campbell Co. collected and analyzed all data from the process, and developed this into an implementable brand and communications strategy with descriptions of specific communication activities that could be initiated by an employee with the tools the report contained.

The design process was started, and over several sessions the organization’s logo was redesigned and the graphical design platform developed. The design was presented to the employees at each crucial stage, so that they had the opportunity to express their views and thereby gain ownership of their new organizational identity.


FORA now has an identity which all employees know, are able to express, and can stand by. This authentic identity is a reflection of the culture and the people you meet when you come from FORA. It is consistently conveyed by the organizations online presence and in other graphical interfaces. It provides a reliable and strong impression of who FORA is.

“The redesign of our corporate identity has renewed pride in the organization and received good responses from the outside world.”

Jørgen Rosted, founder of FORA

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