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Co Creation Process of The Future Ferry Port



The Port of Frederikshavn is located in the northern part of Jutland. The port is a hub for ferry traffic to Norway, Sweden and a small local island. Chairman Lars Bonderup Bjøn has visions of a future of development and growth for the Ferry Port of Frederikshavn. The task is complex because port development depends on many stakeholders, and because the city’s development is close to stagnation.

Frederikshavn Havn


So far, the development of the port has been limited to coincidental development. Not all passenger needs have been addressed. Logistics in the Ferry area can be improved to create better customer experiences and leisure activites need to be made available.


The harbour management invited local stakeholders such as shipping companies, municipalities and private industries to participate in a development process. The process was designed and facilitated by Campbell Co in collaboration with the chairman of the working group, the Technical Director of the city of Frederikshavn.

The process had five steps:

1. Identification and redesign of logistical framework of the port

2. Identification of vision and target audience needs

3. Inspiration for the working group members

4. Idea Development

5. Conceptualization

Frederikshavn havn udviklingsshoppen
Frederikshavn havn udviklingsshoppen
Frederikshavn havn udviklingsshoppen

In the first phase the logistical framework was identified and possible improvements of logistics were discussed. A port is above all a logistical entity. New initiatives must not disrupt operations, but strengthen them, so they must share the logistic function of port areas.

The next step in the process was to define the project vision. It was developed based on Frederikshavns history, and what group members felt was typical of the city. In addition the group researched, the audience and their needs, including through a movie where the the public had been interviewed about their perception of Frederikshavn. Click here to see the movie.

After a study trip to various harbours in Germany,  the Working Group members had the opportunity to present their best ideas. In the workshop the participants built maquette of their ideas for the new port ,with mood boards in nine relevant themes, which later on were used repeatedly to present the project. (Mood boards are a kind of collage that can be used to illustrate an idea and mood.)

The outcome of this workshop was a set concrete proposals from a coherent group, and nine mood boards.

Campbell Co. documented the work and summarised it in report form to be used in the implementation phase. The report contains several working tools for the ‘developer’.


The concept ‘Future Ferry Port’ addressed future needs and challenges of Frederikshavn Harbour’s ferry port, both for passengers and for the city. The concept is now ready for procurement, financing, additional stakeholder involvement and implementation.

The Board has enthusiastically endorsed the project and is now working to get it implemented. They have experienced an overwhelming interest from partners who have come forward interested in cooperation on the future ferry port.

“Creative, imaginative and innovative, with deep respect for the authentic environment of the Port of Frederikshavn, Campbell Co. has helped develop a strategy and a project that we are all very proud of.  The project has been worked through in a concrete way which provides a solid structure for its eventual realisation. “

Lars Bonderup Bjorn, Chairman, Port of Frederikshavn

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