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Meaning is the New Mantra


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For modern brands, being visible and trendy is no longer enough. The consumers of today demand a “meaningful” brand.

Taking a look at the global brands today, corporate social responsibility has been at the top of any communication- and marketing employee’s agenda, and “meaningful branding” has become the new marketing mantra. Turning our eyes towards this year’s winners in Cannes, it’s also evident that strong brands are meaningful brands that contribute more than just shareholder revenue to the world. Big brands, such as Nike, IKEA, Wall-Mart and Unilever, have realized that communicating messages about social marketing and green initiatives is no longer enough. Consumers demand tangible results, so businesses are almost forced to ensure that social marketing initiatives form the core of the brands’ and thereby the business’ identities. This strategy also makes good business sense. A global survey conducted by two English bureaus, MPG Media Contacts and Havas Media, shows that brands that are looked upon as meaningful are perceived as a contribution to a better quality of life and well-being. The survey also showed that only 20 percent of brands worldwide are thought of as having a significant impact on our quality of life and well-being.

No Bullshit
This year’s big winner at the advertisement festival in Cannes was Chipotle with their ”content-driven” marketing-platform: ”Cultivating a Better World” won both a Lion for best movie, and for best ”branded content”. In other words: Several categories, several platforms, tied together by earnest responsibility.  Over the last 17 years, Chipotles brand story has developed from being a story about burritos to being a story about sustainable agriculture. Chipotle’s brand platform consists of a charitable fund for family farms, a “by invitation only” loyalty program, a food festival and the movie “Back to the Start”. The movie has an old Coldplay song, re-recorded by Willie Nelson, for a soundtrack. It has been played in the media, the Grammy Awards among others, and re-tweeted more than 10.000 times. Not a bad start, and a follow-up is sure to come. “Meaning” is the new mantra for those businesses that want to create a lasting relationship with their clients in the long term.



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