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Sustainia is a Desirable Place


Do you want to see a good example on sustainability communication that works. There it is:

Challenge: To communicate about sustainability in a relevant and clear way:

Solution: The development of Sustainia, in writing, illustrations and film.  Sustainia is a vision of what a sustainable world would look like and be like to live in. It is a place – a world – where we have decided to live life to the fullest. Where quality of life is what matters.

Sustainia is a desirable place. A place you would want to go, if you knew about it. Once there, you would want to stay, make a life for yourself and your family.

Sustainia is developed by Laura Storm from the Copenhagen based Think Thank, Mandag Morgen. The book of the vision is full of wonderful examples and illustrations on how to create a sustainablefuture. Please go to their web site for more information.

Laura Storm and Erik Rasmussen at the Launch of Sustaina at the Green Growth Conference 2011

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