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Meaning is the New Mantra


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For modern brands, being visible and trendy is no longer enough. The consumers of today demand a “meaningful” brand.

Taking a look at the global brands today, corporate social responsibility has been at the top of any communication- and marketing employee’s agenda, and “meaningful branding” has become the new marketing mantra. Turning our eyes towards this year’s winners in Cannes, it’s also evident that strong brands are meaningful brands that contribute more than just shareholder revenue to the world. Big brands, such as Nike, IKEA, Wall-Mart and Unilever, have realized that communicating messages about social marketing and green initiatives is no longer enough. Consumers demand tangible results, so businesses are almost forced to ensure that social marketing initiatives form the core of the brands’ and thereby the business’ identities. This strategy also makes good business sense. A global survey conducted by two English bureaus, MPG Media Contacts and Havas Media, shows that brands that are looked upon as meaningful are perceived as a contribution to a better quality of life and well-being. The survey also showed that only 20 percent of brands worldwide are thought of as having a significant impact on our quality of life and well-being.

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Business Development for Designer Furrier



Furrier Pia Christensen is a proud craftswoman who makes custom designed coats of high quality. Through her company’s history, she has been focussed on delivering high-quality product to her customers, and has neglected developing her business. Pia Christensen has a desire to grow her business, and its brand.


To better understand her business and its challenges a series of 4 workshops was conducted:

Workshop of 4 hours, with focus on her goals and aspirations for the business. This involved a discussion of future scenarios / options, resources, and priorities both positive and negative.

Workshop of 2 hours focussing on specific marketing objectives for the company. This involved reflection on the results of the first workshop making some decisions on business goals in terms of product range, distribution and communication.

Meeting of approximately 2.5 hours in which recommendations was presented in the concrete form of a marketing strategy and plan.

Meeting of 2 hours, where a action plan for implementation was presented and discussed.


After the first workshop it became apparent that the company needed to clarify its strategy before work could begin on a specific marketing strategy.  Therefore, further analytical work was undertaken, including an analysis of the company’s revenue streams and economy. Based on the results of the analysis, the company was able to make some hard strategic choices.


Pia Christensen says “It’s been a great relief for me to pinpoint and examine, turn upside down and optimize everything about the firm “

Based on the analytical work which has been conducted, the company could take appropriate decisions about its future and the work on marketing strategy could begin. A major achievement for the company has been to get a clearer picture of its major areas of gain and loss , and what decisions to make in the coming year in order to strengthen the company. Besides the actual delivery of a marketing strategy and a concrete action plan, the company has been through a process of increasing business awareness, which will make the company stronger in the long term.

” I am super impressed about the overview I got from the process. Absolutely fantastic! “

Pia Christensen


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