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Thought Leadership Report featured in todays Børsen

In today’s business news from Børsen’s media section is featuring Campbell Co’s new thought leadership report about sustainability communication. You can read more about the findings here and read the Danish article here.

How we refer to things and concepts has important implications for the influence they have on the surrounding world. Words help define our reality, and affects how we act in and relate to the world around us. In connection with sustainability and purchasing behavior, language has a great degree of impact on the decision making-process, and has a decisive influence on consumer choices.

The key findings of the report is:

#1. ’Green Words’ are positive, but require elaboration

# 2. CO2-related language is perceived negatively

# 3. Serious words engender strong feelings and make an impression

# 4. Words that sound official and corporate are perceived as lofty

# 5. Practical, inclusive words are perceived as the most positive

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